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Sophie Gralton : Australian Artist & Printmaker


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“My childhood in rural Victoria as the middle of five children was a noisy, vivid and the happy time filled with the overflowing hotch potch of family life in the country,” said Sophie.

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Here is a short Youtube clip featuring Sophie’s work

“In today’s era of sleek minimalism, designer kitchens and crisply sterile modernism, I mourn for a time when children could remember what it was like to have milk bottles with foil tops, a baker that delivered to your home and the postie rode a bike. In my own childhood in the country our milk was delivered by horse and cart. That era has gone – and I want to capture now the childhood that my own children are experiencing by incorporating in my artwork, pieces of memorabilia of this current generation.”


 Sophie’s works include mixed media such as old linoleum, manila tags, childrens’ story books and postage stamps, which are directly applied to the canvas.

“The faces of the children in my paintings are obscured as it was not the intention for them to be conventional portraits but rather fleeting impressions of youth and childhood memory, rather than of the individuals themselves,” said Sophie.