Thanks for visiting Tusk Gallery’s website. The paintings on these pages show our newer art.

If you want to view art by any of the artists click on the link to Tusk Artists (link on Homepage or below) and you’ll find 6 pages of links to various artists we represent.

If you can’t find the artist you are after there click on the link to Special Online Galleries and there should be a link there.

If you have any queries at all you can e-mail or ring (61)0425 774415 (Gary)

There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of paintings on the website. The links below will help you navigate but it’s a bit like a labyrinth.

We also have a blog which is generally updated daily, this has some useful information and you can search for artists on it as well. Click on the link on the right side of this page (link section). We do an e-mailed Newsletter, you can sign up for it here. This has articles on artists, special offers and sometimes you can even win a painting. You can subscribe on the homepage.

Tusk Gallery also has a “Stockroom with almost 300 paintings and frames” as we can’t fit everything we have in our 2 Galleries . We also have a very informative Facebook page here.

Click on Stockroom Link to view the art we have in storage.


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