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Tiffany Calder Kingston


Tiffany’s Viewpoints on her art

Tiffany Calder Kingston

Contemporary environmental

Emerging Australian artist Tiffany Calder Kingston was born in 1969 in Fitzroy, Melbourne. 

A passion for art, along with formal design training, saw Tiffany work for 15 years as a freelance commercial artist and designer in Melbourne.  Tiffany became renowned for stunning mural art, public projects and designing creative concepts for the business world in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2004, Tiffany moved to Byron Bay in Northern NSW to rediscover her raw artistic expression and to be close to the natural environment from which she draws her creative inspiration to paint. 

Throughout the last four years Tiffany has exhibited in group exhibitions and art shows locally and interstate and in 2010 produced a collection of works for two successful back to back solo exhibitions in Brisbane and Byron Bay titled ‘Habitat’ and ‘Voices of the Earth’. Following the success of these shows her artwork has recently headed to New York, L.A and throughout Australia.

Since living in Byron Bay, Tiffany’s artistic focus has been to explore the relationship of nature in primitive and present day cultures. Her style represents how each element is connected. That one cannot exist without the other

“My work specifically examines the differing ideals between cultures who worship and those that neglect elements of nature”.

Tiffany donates a percentage of all artwork sales to wildlife and environmental charities.